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Bridge Timeline
In 1801, at the first Edinburgh (then Northfield), town meeting it was voted to build a bridge across the Sacandaga River (remember there was no lake here until 1930).  It was started in the fall of that year and continued into the winter of 1802.  It was in three spans, made of hewn timber, was two to three hundred feet long and crossed the river about two miles below Fish House (between Fish House and Edinburgh).

In 1808 the town spent $67.00 to make repairs to the bridge and roads.

In 1827 the first bridge was destroyed, probably by flood waters and the town voted to build a new bridge at a cost of $150.00.  This new bridge, a floating bridge, built in July 1827 was made of logs and plank and chained to the river bank at either end.
In 1833 the floating bridge was repaired and in 1834 B. Hosley was appointed caretaker of the bridge. 

In 1840 the town spent $10.89 for bridge repairs.

At the town meeting of 1842 a committee was appointed to plan for a permanent bridge across the river not to exceed a cost of $2,000.00.

In 1845 a committee was appointed to petition the Legislature for a bridge.  The new bridge was built at the site of the old floating bridge.
Batchellerville Bridge - Edinburg, NY
Batchellerville Covered Bridge,
late 1920's during clearing for
the reservoir
Batchellerville Bridge - Edinburg, NY
In 1848 the town refused to pay a tax for use of the North River Bridge at Hadley.

In 1852 enough money was raised to cancel the debt on the river bridge.

In 1853 money was raised to repair the dykes of the river bridge. 

In 1857, $100.00 was spent for two bridge dykes and the following year, 1858, another $100.00 was spent for two more dykes.

In 1860, $200.00 was raised to repair the bridge and dykes. 

In 1862, $250.00 was raised to again repair the bridge and dykes.

At the town meeting of 1863 a committee was appointed to contract for a new bridge but it wasn't until 1887 when a new bridge to Batchellerville was put on dykes. It was a wooden covered bridge and crossed the river near the present Edinburg Marina.

In 1888 a new stone bridge was built across Beecher Creek (by the present Ward home).  It was rebuilt when the road was widened in the 1930's.
Bridge under construction with building underneath - 1929
Batchellerville Bridge - Edinburg, NY
Aerial photo of bridge - 2001
The remaining debt of $34.00 on the Batchellerville Bridge was paid off in 1891.

In 1879 our famous little covered bridge was built by Arad Copeland in order to reach his farmland on the other side of Beecher Creek.

In 1925 the Town Board moved to place "No Parking" signs on either end of the river (Batchellerville) bridge.

In 1927 the present Batchellerville Bridge was under construction. Six tenths, (6/10th) of a mile long it was not yet completed when the gates closed on the Conklingville Dam in 1930 to start forming the Sacandaga Reservoir. 

In 1929 the old Batchellerville covered bridge was burned causing much sadness for the many observers.

The deck and railing on the present bridge were replaced in 1982.  The bridge was closed to traffic that year to allow work completion and two ferries plied the Sacandaga waters between the Edinburg and Batchellerville sides all summer and fall transporting passengers.

The Batchellerville Bridge is now more than 70 years old and the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) is currently considering construction of a replacement bridge.


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