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Edinburg had a post office for 160 years. In fact for a period of 65 years we had two post offices, one in Beecher's Hollow, the other in Batchellerville.

Beecher's Hollow   
The first official post office in Edinburg was established in 1820. It was located in Eli Beecher's store with Eli as postmaster. Mail reached Edinburg at this time by way of Ballston Spa. Our area's first regular mail carrier was Thaddeus Scribner of Ballston Spa. His mail route was from Ballston Spa through Greenfield, Corinth, Hadley, Day, Edinburg, Providence, Galway and back to Ballston. He followed an old Indian trail that ran throughout sections of the Sacandaga.
Other postmasters until 1844 were Rowland Robertson, George B. Robertson and Eli T. Beecher.  On May 10, 1844, for whatever reason, the post office was discontinued but re-established again June 12, 1844 with John Beecher, postmaster.

The post office was moved to Barkers Store (still standing at the corner of Military and North Shore Road) in 1849 with John Barker, postmaster. It remained at Barker's store until 1857 with other postmasters Charles H. Barker and John Olmstead.

From 1857-1863 it is believed that the post office was located in the Leman Partridge home with postmasters being Eugene Damon, and George Wright. The Partridge home was the old Edinburg Bible Chapel which was torn down several years ago.
Beecher home, stage coach stop,
store and post office.
In 1863 the post office moved back to Barker's store with Henry S. Barker, postmaster.

In 1880 it was moved back across the road to Quinby Store with Edmund C. Quinby, postmaster, (former Eli Beecher Store). This is now the home of Carol Lathers. The post office is the brick section of the home facing Beecher Creek and North Shore Road.  Avery Allen was postmaster from1894-1897.

In July 1894 the "h"was dropped from Edinburgh.  In May 1897 the Edinburg name was changed to Rural Station of  Northville.  Edmund Quinby was postmaster from 1897-1914.  Miss Addie Allen was postmistress from 1914-1940; her brother George was postmaster from 1940-1948.
The post office remained in this same location until 1948. Mrs. Pernie Frasier became postmaster in  June 1948 and the post office was moved to Frasier's Store at the 4-corners (now the office of Independent Builders).  Pernie ran the post office until Sept. 1976.  During those years she went from a 4
th class Postmaster in 1948 to a Clerk in Charge in 1954 when the post office became a Contract Station.

In 1976 Mrs. Winnie Brucker became clerk and remained in that position until the office was closed permanently in 1980.
The first  post office was established in Batchellerville in July 1849 with the name Edinburgh Center.  Joseph L. Snow was first postmaster.  Levi S. Noyes took over in March 1854.

In December 1857 the Edinburgh Center name was discontinued. In January 1858 the Batchellerville post office was established with Arba W. Perry, postmaster. Most of the postmasters were also store keepers and the post office was kept in whoever's store was holding the postmaster position at the time.

The Batchellerville post office operated until March 31, 1914.  The postmasters during the years 1858-1914 were Arba W. Perry, John P. Conkling, William W. Pease, Edmund Hayden, H. Ransom Colson, Charles Wait, Ansel Wells, Mary F. Mason, Eli Edwards, Oliver B. Edwards and William. J. Dodge.

Edinburg is now serviced by rural carriers from Northville and Hadley.  A drop box was placed at Fullers Store a few years ago means convenience for those without a mailbox in front of their homes.


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